The blog has been down for a while now due to a server issue.  Hopefully we can start posting new information for Kmotion  

For the first time since late last year had a full day of coding.  Fixed most issues with memory and errors on new code for the upcoming V3 release.  Even had some time to experiment with MySQL……. Separated the “Archive” code and added SQL database functionality.  Don’t know if this will be a permanent addition […]

It has been a while since we have posted in the blog and wanted to update those interested. The kmotion support group has been very active and thanks to Dave, issues are being handled!!  We would really like to give you a break Dave, but your expertise is invaluable!! Version 3 is moving forward but […]

Version 2.13 seems to be solid (thanks Dave) Have finished code for  NTSC and PAL video options to the GUI and hope to add a few more features before the next release!  Thanks for all the suggestions! Another Developer has agreed to join the project, thanks Kim! Rob

I am very excited to be the new Kmotion developer.  Dave has created an Excellent Video Surveillance Program and my goal is to continue with his work to make  Kmotion the best open source DVR around! Have been thinking of a Roadmap for the future of Kmotion and considering the addition of some new features […]

As some of you know I have been thinking about moving on from kmotion onto new projects. kmotion has been fun, I have learnet a lot and met some really cool people. Patrick, Gudy, Anders you have been kmotions hard core testers and I owe you a debt of gratitude. kmotion would still be a […]

Just to let you all know, Harry is doing amazing. From two weeks ago where he could not use his back legs, lost control of his bladder and crawled around using only his front paws breaking our hearts to now is like night and day. He is like a little kitty again into absolutely everything, […]